about a beautiful mess

My writing inspiration.
This blog is where the warped haze of thoughts, ideas, emotions and everything and anything that goes on in the process of my mind can be easily accessible and open for the whole world to see. I will write things that I never dare to say out loud into the world other than in the comfort and safety of my own bed with the one person I pour my soul to, my best friend, my soul mate, my Jarod. That is not to say that I will reveal everything and anything about my life on a blog for all to see; I have people I love and will protect above anything else, above all.

With this blog I will nag, cry, bitch, complain, annoy and possibly irritate every possible person that stops by my blog at one point or another because these are my thoughts untamed.

Generally, I am an open book and will reveal almost anything asked of me because I think there is no point in pretending to be perfect. Life isn’t about nice, clean perfection. Life is about finding hope and beauty through the horrific devastation that slams into your chest as your vision blurs, time stops and your breath escapes you. In my twenty-five years, I have learned life is nothing like we imagined it. It’s worse. And it’s better. It’s ignorant, selfish, hurtful and painful. And it is beautiful.

Life is what we make of it.

If you take nothing else from this blog, I hope you can take my honesty.

Thank you for stopping by! :)

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