about my family

Hi! I'm Krissy. I'm a 25-year-old mommy of three beautiful babies and wife to my handsome best friend.

When I was 17, I met my future husband. After two months of liking me from afar, he finally got the nerve to ask me out. We went on our first date and verrry quickly fell in love. Three weeks later, he asked for my hand in marriage and I enthusiastically said, "yes!" We wasted no time, rang the bells and tied the knot three months later.

<3 November 21, 2004 <3

Everyone thought we had a severe case of "puppy-love" but we just knew that we were going to be and suppose to be together. The thought of forever just doesn't seem quite long enough when you're with the person you feel like you're meant to be with. We've since been married for over seven years. We have had our ups, great ones, and our downs, difficult ones, but the one thing that has remained constant through it all is our love for one another. We vowed to stay together and that promise helps binds us and forces us to work harder at our relationship but it is through our love that we grow stronger, kinder and better, both together and individually.

I'm a mix of contradictions. To know more about me, click here.

I would describe Jarod as sweet, sensitive and caring. He's got the kindest heart I know. He loves playing video games, watching typical guy movies, working out, spending as much time as possible with me (we're obsessed with one another, really and yes, still) and goofing around with his little ones.
Aiden just a few days old.

Aiden, Fall of 2010.

Two years after we got married, we decided to expand our love and our family and we became pregnant with our first child, Aiden, who was born on March 7, 2008. Aiden is so much like his father, both in looks and personality. He is the biggest neat freak alive and is very particular with his approach to how things need to be done. He has such a kind heart and feels emotions very deeply; his joy is astonishing and his frustrations are larger than life. He's a blessing in our lives; the first of our children and our first experience with unconditional love. We love him.

Tristen just days from his birth.
Trissy, Spring of 2011.

Only 23 months later, on February 4, 2010, we welcomed another beautiful baby boy, Tristen, into our family. Tristen is all-boy; he's stubborn, loves to throw things and is perpetually sticky (I have no idea how or why, I just chalk it up to him being a boy). He's a charmer and knows how to cuddle, kiss and dish out that sweet little smile of his to make you succumb to his cuteness. He's the quietest of our kids but is the best cuddle-bug ever. We love him to pieces.

Baby Ali just a few days old.

Baby Ali, two months old.

On July 19, 2011, we were beyond excited to welcome our baby girl, Ali (short for Aaliyanna), into our lives. She's the baby of the family and the stealer of Jarod's heart. So far from what I can tell she is the most stubborn and the loudest one of all the kids. She's similar to Aiden in that her emotions, swing wildly from one spectrum to the other in a heartbeat. With that said, she has the sweetest, biggest smiles a baby could give. She's extremely happy. We love her and all her pinkness.

My babies. I love them so much <3
That's my family in a nutshell. They are my life and the greatest and best things I'm blessed to know (despite what I may say in some of my blogs :) My life is filled with lots of love and equally as much craziness. I’m beyond blessed for this life I’ve been given and I wouldn’t trade it for ANYTHING in the world.

Welcome to my blog!!
Thank you so much for visiting, reading, commenting, following, loving and spending even just a minute of your time here <3


  1. you're super pretty!! what's your ethnicity? (:

  2. Hi Kristine, Following you now and thanks for the visit and comment. Where do you all live? The blog is beautiful as is your family! You have a handle on things for someone so young and with your hands FULL! Will read and visit more!

  3. modern day disciple: thank you so much - that's so kind of you to say :) we live in washington so it's a rare day when it's nice and warm enough to go out and just take a walk (like you did in your recent blog :)

  4. Awe, you have such a beautiful family. God Bless!!!

    1. Thank you so much!! They're my world <3 God bless you as well!

  5. Adorable. Your 2 youngest and my two have close birthdays. Mine are 3-8-10 and 5-13-11. Neat!

    1. Cool! Your youngest and my oldest practically have the same birthday: 03/08 and 03/07 :)

  6. Hello,
    I came across your website and found your articles on your family wonderful. I just had a couple of questions, so if you could e-mail me back that would be great!

  7. Beautiful family!
    Our first born is named Aiden too!
    I didn't know how popular/common his name was until after he was born! LOL
    Every time we visit the mall or pediatrician, there's almost always another Aiden somewhere! :p Aw, and my 2nd was born on 03/08, close to your 2nd's birthday! :)


    1. haha, we absolutely loved the name - and then found out it was the number one boy's name! but we stuck with it because it was the only name we both loved! :)