Monday, September 30, 2013

Time Has A Funny Way

In so many ways, Carsen reminds me of baby Aiden. The way they smile at any person that simply glances their way. The way their emotions run from exuberant joy to a face full of tears. The kindness that exudes from them. I attribute a lot of their similarities to the fact they're both Pisces.

When the house is quiet, the older kids are in their rooms, and Carsen's resting in my arms, it feels as if time has warped me back to that moment in my life when Jarod spent almost all day at work while I learned how to be a mother for the first time.

And then as brief as that feeling comes, it leaves me when my five-year-old Aiden comes out of his room to ask me to change the batteries in his Wii remote.

Time and my mind play these games with me for I'm certain those moments are truly how swift time travels.

One moment my whole world filled completely in my arms and now he's playing with three other little ones that accompany my heart.


Time has a funny way of sneaking past me. I'm certain you came out of my belly about 2 weeks ago and miraculously, your brothers and sister just showed up out of the blue. And now, (sigh) now you're starting school. This is such an exciting and amazing milestone in your life. I'm so happy that I'm here to share this experience with you. I'm certain that the next five years will fly by just as fast as the first but I'm so excited to meet ten-year-old you and the rest of "you" that only the future will bring. I love you more than you will ever know. You're amazing, my sweet boy!

Forever and Ever,

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