Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Another Sibling

Gotcha! ;) Ali's ultrasound at 13 weeks.
First and foremost, no, I'm not pregnant . . . yet :)

After a brief (as in less than two month) stunt with birth control, Jarod and I agreed to stop using it. Whoa, I know, crazy, right?! :)

My sweet and easily-stressed husband (mind you, he’s a Virgo - the very thought of paper could stress him out given enough time) could have easily been content with a life with one child and even possibly no children at all. I, on the other hand, as apparent with the amount of children we’ve had in less than four years absolutely could not.

<3 November 21, 2008 <3

I have always wanted a family. I embarrassingly have always wanted the entire cliche of a big, happy family with lots of children running around, a dog (maybe two), a loving husband to fall asleep with each night all encompassed in a sweet little house all wrapped around in an (even bigger cliche) white picket fence. I know, I even make myself gag.

Years ago, when we first fell in love and “when love was all we knew” (Remember When by Alan Jackson) Jarod (as I very distinctly remember) remarked that I could "have as many children as (I) want.” Suffice to say, when I remind him of this little statement I’m, more often than not, joking because I get the enormous responsibility that comes along with children and I, also, understand the even greater enormous financial responsibility a man feels when he has a family.

However, I couldn’t fight this overwhelming baby craving and strong feeling that I’m suppose to have one more baby. So we fought and went back and forth about having another and not having another one until he could see that I couldn’t shake it and how incredibly important it was to me.

Needless to say, we decided to have another one. And HE suggested starting now and I more than happily agreed. Aside from my cliche of a dream, another very big reason why I want to have another child and why I want them so close in age can be better explained without words:


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