Friday, September 2, 2011

An Update

Being silly with my Aidy-Aids :)
To say life has been crazy is more than an understatement but after two major emotional breakdowns I’ve finally come to a (hectic but decently) predictable routine with the help of lots and lots of coffee. Ali’s not quite sleeping through the night yet but really only wakes up once at night now. Tristen, my once happy and easily-pleased baby boy, is beginning his transition into that annoying and whiny and fun new stage of independence, toddler-hood, and Aiden’s officially a champion at pooping and peeing in the potty.

I know what you’re probably thinking, well, duh, isn’t Aiden three and a half, shouldn’t he have been a pro at the potty about a year ago?! Well, yes. Buuuut we I just started potty training him about three weeks ago (to be exact, the day after Jarod returned to work). The week Jarod went back to work and left me at home with a newborn, a “new” toddler and a “sure, let’s pee on everything” just starting to potty train preschooler was the looooooooooooooooooongest week of my life.

My not-so-little baby, Aiden.
I’ve had an excuse for every day and every week since Aiden’s second birthday to put off potty training. I wanted everything to be absolutely perfect because really, I was just utterly and completely scared sh*tless. Don’t ask me how having three children three years and under doesn’t scare me in the slightest but teaching a child basic hygienic skills worried me. I’ve heard horrible stories of kids whose parents scarred their children’s potty training experience that they still pooped and peed in their pants and beds at ridiculous ages. I really didn’t want my kid to be that kid. But potty training has gone so well that now I really regret not starting it sooner; I could have had Aiden out of diapers a long time ago!

My journey to regaining the body I once had a very long time ago pre-babies is going really well. I’ve lost thirty-one pounds in the last six weeks! Woohoo!! (insert happy dance here) I’ve got about 15 pounds to go but I’m really happy with where I’m at. It’s nice to be heading towards a body that I’m proud of by making my health and having a body that my hubby thinks is hott a priority.

Jarod’s been working overtime every weekday but hasn’t had to work mandatory overtime on the weekends lately so it’s been nice having him home to alleviate my mental exhaustion from the kids and to actually get to spend time with him. Literally, years ago we used to have every hour of every day to spend quality time together. Now we’re lucky to be able to finish a conversation. It’s been really hard trying to find a balance of keeping our relationship connected and finding time for (even the simplest, most basic things for) myself. I’ve resorted to squeezing in a quick shower, forgetting about any trace of makeup, throwing my wet hair up in a mess bun and downing a cup of coffee as fast as possible. You know you’re way too busy when you’re so busy that you can’t even find time to drink coffee.

3 1/2 week baby Ali all dressed up <3
The kids are doing great and are adjusting to our growing little family much better than I expected. Ali’s growing up so fast. I love that my babies are all so close in age but it also makes me a little sad that I don’t have the ability to just stare at her all day long. I can’t even feed her without someone needing something or Tristen needing to sit on my lap too. Just like my other babies she’s growing like a weed length-wise and not at all wide-wise. She’s already in 6 month sleepers just because she’s so long. Skinny and tall; basically, she’s already got it made :)

Tristen just being cute, which is why we keep him :)
Tristen’s talking a lot more but still doesn’t have the capabilities to express himself as well as he wants to, which resorts to just a lot of crying and screaming like he’s about to die in order to get what he wants. But he’s still the biggest cuddle-bug ever and for that, Jarod and I decided he could stay in our family.

Aiden’s also doing great and growing up so fast. The minute Aiden started really succeeding at potty-training I felt like we had a brand-new kid. He'll just casually say, “I’ve got to go potty” and walks into the bathroom like it’s no big deal and he’s been doing it all his life. He just seems so much older lately. He’s become more independent, which for Aiden who absolutely loves being babied, is a very big deal. Also, his little personality is coming out more and more. He makes me laugh everyday. I miss itty-bitty tiny baby Aiden but I love this stage too and it makes me more excited to see what Aiden in the future is going to be like, like when he’s (gulp) a man. Ahh, such a weird thought!

He's so in love with her; it's kind of ridiculous :)
Overall, our little family’s doing great. Jarod and I have a very strong addiction to coffee. We’re tired about 98% of the time but our babies are happy and healthy and that’s really the only thing that matters. One day we’ll get more sleep . . . for now, well, let's just say it's a good thing we kinda like these little ones :)

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