Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Fourth Little One

Let's start this post with: I will be the absolute first person to tell ya'll that I'm insane and crazy. If you feel the need to say it to me, I will reply with, "duhh!" :)
Second of all, I want to say that even though there are so many moments where I have fallen to the floor with tears streaming down my face at how hard having three young children so close together is; the truth remains that being a mother, being their mother, has brought me absolutely joy and such extraordinary, unconditional love. I cannot imagine a life without them - truly.

Thus, after a recent discussion with my husband (who essentially said, "I love you too much to disappoint you" [seriously, how the in the world did I get so lucky to have a guy love me this much?!?], we have decided that we would love to have a fourth little one in this crazy, loving family of ours.

Seriously, pretty much what all our family pictures look like haha

Aiden: what the F is he doing to that train??
Tristen: this train is delicious.
Ali: what's going on?? what's going on??
Mom & Dad: forget it, this picture's going to suck. just take the pic!
Third and lastly, can I just say: I AMMM SOOOO EXXXCITED!! :D

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