Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dear Jj: Happy 8th Anniversary!

Dear Jj,

Happy Eighth Year Anniversary! We've been married just over seven and a half years but this day has always been more significant to me than the other. This day we went on our first date and we verrry quickly evolved from being two people into one solidified couple, one in every essence of which that is a marriage. Thus, I like to think of this day as our unofficial wedding day, the day we began our journey together.

I've been told the seventh year of marriage is the hardest and this past year, I can easily understand the logic. Year seven has given us the third of our beautiful children as well as more responsibilities, more stress, less time and less us. This year has seen us fight about the struggles of everything from time, money, stress, responsibilities and the yearning of more of who we are together and who we are apart.

But year seven has, also, given me a reassuring peace and confidence of who we are to one another and the strength of a truth that no matter what, we're in this together. Undeniably, I'm more certain today, than ever, that we will weather everything and anything together. Of course, years ago, we vowed to one another this sort of devotion but time has a way of strengthening one's commitment and one's love.

However, more than being certain of our commitment to one another, I could not have imagined the love I would possess for you. Years after I told myself I could never love you more, I do. I love you so much and truly, I could not imagine a life without you.

Also, more than the strength of our commitment to one another as well as our love for one another, I'm most proud that I can still call you my very best friend. Not only do I really love you, I really, really like you. You are the first person I want to tell my stories to, the person I bitch and vent the most to and the one person that can make me laugh, no matter what. Even greater than loving you as much as I do, I still have that silly girl crush I had on you eight years ago.

There's so much more I could say but I think all can be sufficiently said with one silly made-up word, "hamperkiss." I love you, babe. Happy 8th.

Forever Yours,


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