Tuesday, July 17, 2012

TTC and Life Update

I got a stark, bright positive ovulation test on July 9th and luckily we had BD four days before ovulation, the day before ovulation, on ovulation day, the day after and the following day. Our chances of conceiving based on the ovulation test and the timing we BD is pretty high.

Due to the fact that I was so certain that we conceived last month, I haven't even wanted to think about possibly being pregnant. I have had some cramping and breast pain but I'm just chalking that up to my impending period.

Currently, Jarod has Bronchitis, a sinus infection, an ear infection and some kind of eye infection that begins with the letter G. He saw a doctor the other day and she diagnosed him with a viral cold. The days passed and instead of getting better, he got much, much worse. Finally, Jarod saw a different doctor that within two minutes basically told him he's F'ed up and needed a bunch of meds. I've caught something that is much less severe but with both parentals feeling horrible, our house is a complete mess. The laundry is backed up like no other and I feel like I'm barely able to keep up with the basics of life.

I just came back from the grocery store to pick up Jarod's medication, restock our Gatorade supply and I bought myself two boxes of cookies, which I hardly do (baking them from scratch is a favorite of the kids, it's cheaper and healthier - less preservatives) but I could give a damn right now. Just like a crazy, crack-addict, I yanked those cookies from the shelf and told myself I deserved them. Also, I definitely bought some surgery (though on sale) cereal because, let's be honest, I feel terrible and cooking as little as possible is part of plan of attack for the next few days.

Thankfully, the kids are healthy; although, I'm afraid that baby girl is starting to come down with something, too.

Tomorrow is Jarod and my eight "first date" anniversary and instead of going out I think we're going to Redbox our night and lovingly share Kleenex tissues. The day after that is baby Aaliyanna's birthday but who knows how she's going to feel or if she's even going to be diggin' the cake.

I've got a week before AF comes and I'm so exhausted that I probably won't even test until I'm late, if I even become late at all. That's all for now. Please wish us our health back because we're curently getting our butts kicked. Thanks!



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