Tuesday, July 30, 2013

All Of Our Debt: Take Two

Just wanted to do a quick update to refer back to. Progress is slow going but it's going! The goal is to have everything all paid off by June of 2015 but sooner is, of course, better! I'm proud of us for not touching a single credit card and literally if we don't have the cash for it, we can't afford it so that's been our motto. The ultimate goal is to live a life free from debt but the process is still frustrating, nonetheless. I wish we were already there but seriously, how great is it that we've paid over $15,000.00 in debt?! Yay us!

I love you, Jarod Miller. I'm thankful we're on the same page. Now time to get these bitches paid off.


Jj’s School Loan (Group B):                 $190.59  PAID OFF!!
Jj’s School Loan (Group D):                $370.77   PAID OFF!!
Jj’s School Loan (Group A):                $1542.69   PAID OFF!!
Credit Loan:                                        $2216.76   PAID OFF!!
Jj’s School Loan (Group H):                $2478.0     PAID OFF!!
Jj’s School Loan (Group E):                 $2144.05
Kj’s School Loan #1:                            $2291.85
Jj’s School Loan (Group G):                $2478.61
Jj’s School Loan (Group C):                $2632.62
Kj’s School Loan #2.1                          $3135.17
Kj’s School Loan #2.2                          $3430.58
Jj’s School Loan (Group F):                 $3912.59
Kj’s School Loan #3:                            $6183.76
Honda Pilot Car Loan:                          $9510.04

STARTING DEBT (Oct. 2011):             $51792.70

DEBT PAID OFF:                                $15583.47

FINAL DEBT:                                      $35719.27

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