Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Quickie Update

Life is crazy busy as usual. I'm finding myself getting less and less sleep; although, I have more and more things I need to do with in a household of four kids, I hate giving up my quiet, unsolicited "me time." Thus, most days I work with four to five hours of sleep. It's become my new normal but after awhile, I usually hit the wall and pass out.

The kids are getting so big; it's mind-blowing. There's a growing trend of less baby-ness and more kid-ness in the house. Aiden's a full-fledged kid that cracks me up as much as he pushes my buttons. Tristen's baby fat is slowly melting off his sweet little face and his personality is really stepping away from his older brother's shadow. Our crazy Ali is mellowing out; she's finally taking little breaks here and there from screaming and running around like a maniac to saying "thank you" and giving little kisses and hugs. Me and her even have our own handshake these days. Carsen is growing like crazy. He's the happiest baby ever; all you have to do is look at him and he'll give you the biggest smile and happiness literally fills up his whole body. He's pretty dang adorable.

Jarod's doing great; he's been a lead at work for a few good months now and recently found out he's going to be temping as a manager for a short bit. I'm so dang proud of him.

Life is really good, really busy, but amazingly good. Our marriage is rock-solid these days and I can't even remember the last time we had a fight, which coming from two young teenage kids that use to fight almost every day for the stupidest shit, we deserve a fist-pump Jersey Shore style. 

I have a post about marriage in year nine fumbling around in my head but have yet to sit down and write it. Mainly, because my laptop is pretty close to its deathbed, which is half of the reason I've been so MIA. We're saving up for a new computer, so hopefully sooner than later I'll be a regular on this blog once again.

I've been working really hard  trying to lose all these glorious baby pounds I've accumulated with growing these babies and so far have lost a total of 8 pounds in five weeks. I post a lot of weight loss progress pictures on my Instagram: kjandjj0718, if you want to check it out.

So that's my life as of late. I will talk to you all again soon! :)

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