Tuesday, November 25, 2014


In the midst of the deepest pain is when we see the true character of a society. The full depth of love, compassion, and basic human regard has the strongest possibility in the time when pain’s echoes can be heard in shrieking screams.

The recent events that have occurred in Ferguson have split our society in halves for various reasons. We all like to think of ourselves as intelligent and wise, disregarding that there are truths that we cannot fully comprehend due to our lack of circumstances and experiences.

Yes, there is a divide and yes, people will continue to juxtapose whom is “right” and what side has the “real evidence.” However, I hope we don’t get so caught up in the details that we fail to see what’s truly happening right before us.

When righteousness is so resounding that it bleeds out compassion, we all have lost.

Only God knows the exact unraveling of events and the true heart and intentions of those involved on that heartbreaking day but we all know that there is much lost in this tragedy.

The happenings in Ferguson stood for much more than the death of one; it was symbolic of a system that is imperfect and unjust. It propelled the realities of racism into our forefront and onto our television screens, tablets, and smartphones.

No matter how much we would to like to deny its existence, racism still occurs in varying degrees to a multitude of people.

Ferguson stands for the pain of being treated differently based on one simple factor, the color of one’s skin. It is a representation of what has occurred over and over again for more generations to count.

Regardless of who is “right” in this instance, there is a tremendous amount of pain shed from other’s tears. We can pour salt into those wounds with hateful words and our mind’s own righteousness or we can show compassion and empathy to those who suffer just as Christ does.

Romans 12:2

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