Friday, July 8, 2011

37 weeks and counting . . . Yep, still counting.

Baby Ali and I have officially hit full-term! Yay!!

Sooo, you can come out.

Now : )

I’m torn. In terms of finances and in regards to Jarod’s work schedule it would be much better for her to come out later than sooner. But in terms of my sanity and comfort, I would really like for her to be out of me like five minutes ago.

Jarod wants her to wait until the day we turn 39 weeks (July 21st), which is the day she will be evicted from my uterus aka the day my cesarean is scheduled.

My response to his (dumb) desire: Well, duhh! She’s not in his frigging uterus! He doesn’t get to feel like someone punched him in the a** (but maybe he should?! J/k) nor does he get sharp pains in his vag nor does he have to pee so often that he’s budgeted the extra cost in the monthly water bill.

On top of all the physical discomfort (the aforementioned are just a few of my fav), I’m HUGE. I know, I know, I’m pregnant and it is a beautiful and an amazing thing but I want my old body back. I’ve pretty much been pregnant (or trying to get pregnant) for the vast majority of my twenties and I would like to see myself as an attractive single-inhabitant person, I believe the appropriate and politically-correct term is “MILF,” rather than a baby-making machine. I know I will miss her little kicks and hiccups but I really miss being me, physically and emotionally.

To baby Ali,

I love you. I think it’s amazing that we’ve shared this journey together but I’m so excited to meet you and hold you and love you and teach you about all the really important things in life. Please come out soon because we want nothing more than to love you and know you.



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