Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Baby Ali, one week old.

Life is pretty damn, dare I say, perfect. It’s so perfect that usually overly-abundant (and annoyingly) optimistic me cautiously awaits for something, at the very least something tiny, to go wrong. But nothing has and believe me, I’m really not complaining. Life’s just really, really good.

Baby Ali turned one week today and everyday she becomes more and more gorgeous. Suffice to say, Jarod’s absolutely terrified. He mentioned how one day the boys are going to have girlfriends and I laughed because he didn’t even realize that subconsciously he already denies the fact that Ali will (one day) have a boyfriend. I brought it to his attention and he laughed but then remarked that she never will have a boyfriend. Umm, okay . . . psycho :)

With three kids, three and under, you
take what you can get when it comes
to pictures :)

The boys have been amazing with her. Other than Aiden’s initial comments about putting her back in the box (aka the hospital bassinet), they’re in love with her. Tristen’s the most obsessed with her. He loves peeking over the playpen/ bassinet and looking at her, giving her kisses and asking to be picked up (constantly) just to get a better look at his little sister. Aiden will inform me when she’s crying, remind me to feed her and will help put the binky in her mouth. They’re amazing and I hope (but I think Jarod hopes more) that they’ll always feel this love and need to protect her, especially from the population of the world with said male genitalia.

The very beginning <3

Also, seven years, one week and one day ago Jarod and I went on our first date. He picked me up in his black spray-painted MR2, handed me a bouquet of flowers, opened my door, took me to see The Notebook (which I’m thankful was the second-time I saw that movie because the first time I was an emotional-mess and we more than likely would not be where we are today if he had took me to see it for the first time; I‘m more than certain I would be considered, “thaaat girl“), ate some grub at Denny’s and basically, stole my heart.

Like I said life’s pretty perfect. Seven years feels amazing. We know each other so well and work so well together. Butterflies and falling in love is fun but nothing beats this kind of love.

Life is pretty damn perfect.

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