Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Just Write: Young & Married

As far back as my memory allows my consciousness to recall, I have always wanted to be in a deeply loving and committed relationship. I never wanted to date around and see what's "out there." And thank goodness for that, because from my glassed-in protective shield I like to call a wedding band as well as (and possibly, ehh, even more glaringly noticeable) three very young children screaming, yelling and basically, bringing overall "joy" into their immediate proximity (is that not appealing to men anymore?! so weird), can I just say that, "I am really glad I'm happily taken by a normal, wonderful, amazing guy."

I am truly really glad I'm in the relationship I'm in and if I wasn't, I would be looking for exactly everything that I have.

But with that said, I got married really, really young as in, like, right after high school. I didn't get to share an obnoxiously small dorm room with a Birkenstock, tie-dyed hippy roommate. I didn't get to study abroad in Europe for a semester. I never got to blow waste spend a whole paycheck on something absolutely ridiculous and completely devoid of responsibility. There's so much I didn't get to do.

However, I don't regret anything or how everything played out because this is how the cards fell and these are the choices we made. With all that was happening around us as well as (and more importantly,) the way Jarod and I felt about each other, we chose love.

. . . and also, marriage and responsibilities and full-time jobs and bills and adulthood, etc., etc., etc.

I guess, my point to this whole non-sense of a blog is that the grass is always deceptively greener on the other side. I wish I could tell the younger me to stop stressing about finding "the one" because he's literally right around the corner of your high school graduation.

And to my sweet Ali (especially if you turn out to be anything like me),

Do not worry your pretty little head about boys. There will be one, not a boy, but a man who won't let anything stop you two from being together and he will love you with such kindness that you will cry with tears of happiness at the mere thought. I hope you worry less about boys and focus on learning the intricacies of tie-dying and enjoying food from a foreign land. But whenever the day comes that you have a found such a man (be it when you are 15 or 45), I hope you remember that the grass is always greener on the side you water the most.

I Love You More Than the Whole Wide World,

Your Mommy

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