Saturday, April 28, 2012

Weight Loss Journey #1

I feel like I'm always in some sort of weight loss journey. I'll lose some weight and then just put it back on in like a week and the cycle repeats itself. After Ali's birth, I lost about 30 pounds from pregnancy weight, water weight and working out like a freakin' crazy person because seriously, my postpartum body scared the shit out of me. My stomach literally looked like a deflated balloon. I remember confiding in Jarod and heart-brokenly telling him that I don't think my body will ever look the same again unless I get plastic surgery and he took one look at me and was like well, if you want to then we'll save up for it (in a really supportive but I'll realllly support that for you [haha] kind of way). My body was really not pretty. No joke.

Thankfully, I ate really healthy, did cardio every day, did Jillan Michael's 30 day shred a few times a week as well as an 8 minute abs app on my iPhone religiously and I got down to 138 pounds and everything (for the most part) came back together (as much as a woman's body that's had three kids in less than four years can get).

And then I kind of just stopped. Worked out again here or there. And then ate a LOT again here and there; such a bad cycle.

My problem is that I'm a five-hundred-pound woman inside of this body of mine. I love food so, so much but I need to stop being so attached to food. I want and need to be healthier. I want to be fit and really comfortable in my body.

My overall goal is to get down to anywhere from 120 to 130. I want to focus less on my actual weight and more on eating healthy and being strong and fit. Currently, (or at least the last time I weighed myself about two weeks ago) I weighed in at 145.

Jarod and I are in our fifth week of Insanity workouts but this last week I've finally and really made it an effort to eat healthier and oh my, that makes such a big difference!

Sadly, I never took pre-Insanity pictures but here's a pic that depicts me when I'm at that stage where I'm eating a ton, sooo basically, like every day (up until recently! :)

This was New Year's Eve 2011 and that's my bright pink bra. Thankyouverymuch.
And here are some pictures I took three days ago:

Awkward-looking pic. Am I suppose to smile here?? I wasn't really sure, so I went for the confused, dumb and slightly constipated look instead. Result: Absolute Perfection.
So here's to being healthy!! But can I just say, ohh,  my gosh, this is so hard! I literally daydream about all the delicious food that I want to put in my mouth so for now, I just try to take it one meal at a time. Also, helpful tip: I can't eat unhealthy because I just do NOT buy it at the grocery store anymore and yes, there are definitely times that I scurry the kitchen looking for some long-lost Twinkie but alas, it's never there and I eat a freakin' apple instead.

Also, if you're blogging about weight loss, please let me know!! I'd love to follow :)


  1. I can soooooo relate! It is a constant struggle for me too ~

    1. ughh, it's such a struggle! i just want to get into a place of balance and where i feel more in control of food . . .

  2. What a great post,These are all things that have helped me keep off lost weight :) Hope you don't mind that I've shared your post on my blog!