Thursday, April 19, 2012

TTC #1 for Baby #4

Previously, I had set an appointment for a second Depo shot on April 12th but then we officially decided we were, for sure (this time ;) going to have a fourth baby so I cancelled my appointment and we are currently not using any form of protection. Would I piss my pants if I were to be pregnant right this moment?? Absolutely, from sheer excitement :D

However, I know it can take up to six months to a year for the lingering hormones from the shot to leave a woman's body in order for her be pregnant again. So damn.

Because of the Depo shot, I'm forced to just . . . wait. And oh my goodness, that's probably the hardest thing in the world for me to do. I like to drive myself crazy in order to feel as if I have some sort of control; I like to take my temperature every morning, pee on ovulation strips, analyze the BBT chart for even the slightest inclination of an ovulation and/or an implantation dip, have a stomach-ache from the burger I had from lunch and then completely convince myself that I am definitely pregnant because of the stomach pains, etc., etc.

I go really extreme when we're trying to conceive, which is so odd because that's really unlike myself ;) Iiiii (uhh) have no idea where that comes from.

Soooo we're waiting; waiting for my body to start ovulating again.

I'm definitely so excited to have a little one inside of me again. I'm excited for all of the fun stuff of pregnancy: feeling the baby move, little hiccups and finding out the gender but I'm really so happy and content with our little family, at this very moment. I know there will be a place and time when our family will expand to a family of six but for now, I'm really loving our family of five.

But noteworthy is the fact that every time I have gotten pregnant I've been in a really happy, content place with my life and I was working out and concentrating on being healthy. Annnd I'm on week four of Insanity workouts and my booty is definitely a lot tighter than it used to be.

Actual conversation we had last night:

Me: Does my body look different?

Husband: Yah, you're a lot fitter. It's like a completely different world now.

Me (joking): Huh, what?? What kind of world was it before??!

Husband: Hahaaha

Me (joking): You're such a jerk.

My point is that "different world bodies" (hahah, such an ass) can somehow equate to babies being born. Idon'tknowhow. But sometimes it happens :)

But again, the fucking Depo shot is still fuckin' with my body so I'm . . . . . waaaiting.

Fair warning: my TTC #2 for Baby #4 blog may just be something like, "I'm on my PERIOD!!!! YAY!!" haha so just don't read TTC blogs from me if you don't want this kind of graphic information and/or just stop reading my blog if you don't want crazy :)


  1. Hello Kristine, just found your blog and I hope you get your bfp soon, wow six months is a long wait. My husband and I are currently ttcing for baby #2, I'm in my two week wait and it's killing me. You can check out my blog if you want,

    1. six months is like an eternity! especially when a TWW seems like forever for me haha :)