Monday, June 11, 2012

TTC #3: Blessed Ovulation

Based on my OPK's as well as the horrible way I've been feeling today (back pain, nausea [I threw up once :/ ] and mittelschmerz), I'm quite positive I ovulated. Jarod and I had sex today, yesterday and the day before and will probably have sex tomorrow and the day after, just for extra measure. I know that we only have about 25% chances of getting pregnant this cycle but like I said before, I have a feeling that this cycle will be the cycle. But who knows. Maybe I'm just overly confident in our baby-making skills because we're been more than successful at it.

Morrre than successful.

I remember the month we seriously tried to conceive baby Ali, which also happened to be the month she was conceived (insert cocky son-of-a-bitch "I'ms the shit at conceiving" smirk here), I had the same ovulation symptoms. Backache like no other. Nausea. Slight pain in the lower abdominal. And a positive OPK to solidify my suspicions. We consummated our love and at about 9 DPO, we found out a little baby Aaliyanna was brewing in that little ol' uterus of mine.

I know from experience the biggest deterrent for not getting pregnant is being stressed. So it completely works in our favor that I'm ridiculously happy and content with life. I want this baby so much and I would love if we got pregnant this very instant. Please note: how much sex we're having lately because that is not an easy feat for parents of three, ages four and under - anyone who says otherwise is an absolute liar . . . or a hooker (not judging, though). But I'm, oddly enough, okay if this month isn't the month. I'm really okay with having to wait a few cycles. I'm absolutely okay with not getting what I want this very moment, which is, ohh my, so rare for me.

I'm just so happy right now. Trust me, I'm going to be over the moon when there's another little baby in me as I may or may not have literally jumped up and down at the very sight of a positive OPK test. But this contentment feels nice. After fighting a number of times with Jarod about the prospect of a fourth and finally coming to a sad but understandable sort of closure with babyhood, I feel so incredibly blessed that we're actually trying for another.

Sooo lucky to have this guy in my life <3
I think that's all for this TTC post - I just wanted to do a quick little update that I ovulated on CD (cycle day) 15 (Sunday, June 10th) and we're at it like rabbits in heat (TMI but you're reading a TTC post, whadya expect? :)

Please wish us luck and lots of baby dust!! <3 And maybe, a little vote ;)

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