Monday, December 12, 2011

A Blog A Day For A Year

I’ve decided to make a goal to post a blog everyday for a year starting January 1st. I absolutely love writing. The art of piecing together a collaboration of carefully chosen words to elicit precisely what you’re thinking and feeling but more importantly, to forge a form of connection with another person in a completely different place and/or time through mere words is intriguing and incredibly beautiful to me.

I think the fact that I love it so much is also the reason why I’m the most insecure about it. I will write something, ask Jarod to read it and annoyingly stare and analyze his every expression, grumble, laugh, etc. Then I’ll become even more annoying by asking him if he liked it and after he responses that he did, I resort to a pathetic, extremely insecure pre-pubescent teeny-bopper and embarrass myself even further with, “well, did you really like it?”

Jarod and I <3 (December 2005).
I know I’m so annoying but he also thinks I’m hott, which apparently is enough of a trade-off for him and great for me because I don’t foresee an end to these questions anytime soon.

Sorry, hubby.

But back to what I was saying: I am horribly insecure about my abilities as a writer because I so desperately want to be amazing at it. I hate that annoying, little voice in my head that says I’m not good enough so if anything this is my attempt to be a better me and a better writer. Also, to that mean little voice inside my head, I would like to say, "F you.”

Eight day old baby Aiden <3
Another reason I want to write more often in this blog is that life is racing forward so incredibly fast that I don’t even know where all the time has gone. Aiden, our first-born son, is turning four, FOUR!, in a few months. What. The. Hell. Seriously. How did that happen?? I mean, really, when did I even become old enough to have sex?? Let alone carry, give birth and celebrate my child’s fourth birthday.

Thus, along with facing my fears, this blog is my attempt to encapsulate the beautiful  and not-so-beautiful moments that I hope to never forget before they become just another brief passing in time.


  1. i'm attempting this this year! hopefully it works out. fifth day in to it and so far, so good! /fingerscrossed