Monday, December 26, 2011

Our Very Merry Christmas

My babies with their cousins on Christmas Eve.
Every year we go to my mom’s house on Christmas Eve, eat way too much food and open gifts later that night and this year was no different. I love going there for holidays and family get-togethers. I especially love that our children get to play with their life-long friends, their cousins. I didn’t grow up with extended family around so holidays growing up consisted of just me, my parents, my two older brothers and my Lola. I always longed for big, chaotic extended family get-togethers with kids running around everywhere, which is probably a large part of my desire to have all my kids so close together. My brothers were, respectively, six and five years older than me and as a result, I felt like an only child growing up. Thus, I want my children to have what I longed for: someone always there to play with, to have someone who knows exactly where they came from and to laugh, sympathize and/or share a drink (be it apple juice or hard liquor) with every stage (I.e. Barney, dating, marriage, kids, etc.) in their lives.

Me and the hubby <3
After we opened all our gifts, we (adults) enjoyed ourselves with some holiday cheer condensed down into the size of a very small glass and busted out the karaoke machine. Jarod and I decided that he would be driving home that night so I was able to drink; therefore, Jarod was completely sober. He was completely sober and he finally, after seven years of being apart of my life and apart of my family, grabbed a mic and sang a little song. I honestly thought I would never see the day. I know he’s always ached to sing karaoke and finally said, “F it” and gave in. We sang a few duets together and seriously, this was probably the best surprise I’ve ever had for Christmas.

We decided we weren’t going to go anywhere on Christmas. It’s a very rare occasion that Jarod has a day and usually when he does we’re either doing an outing that I wouldn’t dare do by myself with three kids or we have some party, get-together to go to so it was especially special that we spent Christmas at home. The kids woke up, Aiden wondered at the “magic snow” footprints Santa left behind and the kids opened all their presents. We spent the morning opening packages and putting toys together. Twice today, Tristen cozied up in all the Christmas love said for the very first time, “happy, happy,” and I swear, each time my heart melted. It was exactly how I always pictured Christmas morning with my kids. I loved it.

Later when Ali and Tristen took their afternoon naps, Aiden was so involved with all his new bright and exciting toys that Jarod and I were able to have some uninterrupted couple time. We just laid in bed, cuddled and talked for awhile. It’s nice being able to just be a wife and completely focused on spending time with my husband, rather than multitasking and helping one of the kids with something while trying to have a conversation with him that often includes, “what? I can’t hear you,” and, “never mind, I’ll tell you later.”

This was the first holiday that we’ve stayed home and celebrated with just me and my little family so it’s also my first holiday dinner cooking everything myself. I spent a few hours in the kitchen cooking and making baked salmon, cheesy potato casserole, green bean casserole, stuffing, fried shrimp, deviled eggs and a cheese dip. Also, we had olives, celery with cheese spread, a veggie platter and Marionberry pie with vanilla ice cream. It’s funny that Jarod and I have been married for seven years and this is the first holiday dinner I’ve made at home all by myself. Embarrassingly, in true Anne Cleaver form, I was incredibly proud of myself.

I had such a wonderful Christmas. Sometimes I fight myself about not being a career-woman and for “just staying home” and sometimes I have horrible, horrible days (like this day) but then there are days that are so perfect that they erase any of those ridiculous notions and I can’t imagine being anywhere else and doing anything else.

I hope you all had a wonderful and lovely Christmas or any other holiday you may celebrate. I hope your December was filled with nothing but love <3

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