Saturday, December 17, 2011

Our Fourth Baby

Baby Aaliyanna just a few days old.
I recently inquired TTCBabyPredictions about the gender and the approximate date we’re predicted to have our fourth child. I’m firm believer that there are some people out there with psychic abilities and paranormal intuition; however, I’m, also, well aware that there are just crazy liars out there, too.

The best parallel I have for my belief in psychics is my belief in happily ever after. I believe that every guy you date isn’t going to be the right person for you, i.e. liars, cheaters, “scrubs,” mama’s boys, downright jerks, but all of those loser boys that fail to see how wonderful you are doesn’t diminish that there is a perfect person out there. The existence of true psychics are as rare as a happily ever after ending is. In other words, the existence of supposed “psychics,” aka liars who just want your money, doesn’t disqualify that there are people who really have “the gift.”

Granted, I still paid our hard-earned money for a reading that may or may not have any truth behind it but I did only spend $5.00 (the cheapest option) because I was curious, it brought some entertainment and hell, it was $5.00.

The verdict and prediction for baby #4: “When I spoke with your next child to come he said he’s a precious boy. That you will find out with a positive test June of 2013 or conceive June of 2013 or give birth June of 2014."
Most recent picture of all my babes <3
Another boy? I could have predicted that one. But a child born in 2014? Blahh. That would make Aiden: 6, Tristen: 4 and Aaliyanna: 3. I want our children extremely close together, if you haven’t noticed, so the thought of having the fourth that far away (which I know in reality is not very far away at all) makes me a little sad. I hope she’s wrong. She did respond back to my questions about the timing of our fourth that she’s very accurate with a 95% accuracy rate but she’s human and hopes very much that I have our fourth sooner than later.

She was extremely kind with my momentary immaturity about not having the exact timing exactly the way I wanted and even more comforting when she explained that children come, “when they feel they have the most impact and (at) the best time.”

Life is pretty crazy as of late and some days I feel like I’m losing my mind. I told my mother about my psychic prediction and she smiled and jokingly replied that, ”maybe Jesus thinks you need a break.” But my wishes and hopes for the relationship our children will have with one another in accordance to the closeness in their age far outweighs my sanity.

To Baby Number Four (who we have already named baby Noah, if he really is a he),

I love you. I can’t wait to meet you. Please come before 2014 but if not, you will be worth the wait.



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