Monday, February 27, 2012

Aaliyanna Update

Baby Ali is officially crawling. Don’t picture the typical chubby baby on their hands and knees crawling forward but picture a skinny, little thing army crawling, caterpillar booty moving, pulling, scooting, twisting, turning and anything else you can think of to get anywhere her little mind pleases. She still won’t sit unassisted all by herself because she’s literally too busy moving. I know she’s more than capable of doing so but instead, she’ll fling her head back, swing sideways and just, stubbornly decide she, won’t do it. Ever since the day she was born she’s always been flinging around anything she could move: her arms and mostly and almost always, her legs. She’s got a constant energy about her and it’s funny that even at a really young age, it’s really evident.

I’ve just started introducing solids. I was waiting for her to be able to sit unassisted but I know she could if she just waited long enough to let herself so I’m jumping the “bullet” and she’s doing really great. She loves carrots and banana blueberry. I can’t believe how fast she’s growing. I’m happy and proud of her but it’s, also, so bittersweet. Babies grow much too fast and she’s my last baby so it makes it even more bittersweet. She’s such a joy in our lives and quite possibly, the most precious, sweetest baby girl I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.



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