Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Love and Life

The other day Jarod got off work a little early, my mom watched the kiddos and we were able to have some alone time, which to parents essentially means running errands (virtually stress-free! :) and grabbing a bite to eat.

We went to Loews to pick out paint and supplies for our new apartment. As you can tell, we absolutely hate the color blue so we tried to steer far away from it by getting three different variations of it haha

We grabbed a bite to eat at a local Pho restaurant and just were able to enjoy some time together. Quite often, our time always seems divided to other aspects of our lives, kids, work, household chores, our extended family and friends, that we hardly get to spent a moment together. We're often heavily weighed down by the responsibilities and stress of life that some days it feels like we're simply going through the motions. But these rare and scared moments are what reminds us of why we have and want the life we do. It is the love we have for one another. The joy of sharing a life together and the beauty of creating life from our love that ground us to one another and to this crazy life of ours.

I got to remember and (actually be able to) focus on why I love this cute guy so much in the first place, why he's my best friend and why I never get tired of his company.

And so does he, as he told me, "I love you. You brighen up my day."

(insert beaming, happy, giddy little heart here)


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