Monday, February 27, 2012

Much Too Long

Ohh my. It’s been much too long since I’ve posted anything on this little ol’ blog of mine. So my excuse? Well, I, uhh, (looks down and kicks the dirt on the ground) haaave been a little busy. With a husband working long hours at work and me raising three little babies, I’m always super busy.

But weren’t you just as busy a few weeks ago when you wrote a blog every single day!?

Yes, just as busy but back then, I was chugging and downing energy drinks and coffee as often and as much as I could until I was literally sick to my stomach for about three straight days. I was terrified that I caused some irreversibly-damage to the insides of my stomach that I have not even looked at an energy drink since. I still drink coffee on a very rare occasion as in I think I’ve had a cup of coffee once in the last three weeks.

No joke. Those three miserable days changed my life. Basically, they scared the bejesus out of me so I’ve been sleeping more aka I’ve been sleeping what my body actually needs me to be sleeping. Thus, I haven’t blogged and also, just as sad, haven’t worked out in forever. Who do I talk to about getting more hours in a day??

So that’s my excuses as of late but no, I haven’t forgotten about this blog and about you readers. I sincerely miss you and writing. I promise I’ll be back. Actually, I promise in about a week I’ll be back because we’re currently in the process of moving! We’re moving into a bigger apartment (yay!) with almost an extra four-hundred square feet than what we currently have, a cute little fireplace, an amazing fitness center, a huge pantry and a laundry room, not a laundry closet, but a laundry ROOM. SO EXCITED!!

Funny, I told my mom that I was excited that the new apartment had a laundry room and she said that was great because it was right next to the kitchen so I can cook and do laundry at the same time. Ohh, silly mom, I’m excited because now I can hide the clean, washed clothes that are yearning to be put away. Out of sight, out of mind. Less clutter = happy mama. Let’s be honest here: our laundry will still, more than likely, be sitting there for days before even being touched but now it won’t be eyeing me, mocking me and sitting in the middle of the hallway. Now it will just be hidden hehe :)



  1. I didn't know how you were doing it every day to begin with! Glad you are well now and hope the move goes smoothly!