Saturday, May 12, 2012

Conversations with Aiden

It took Aiden until he was three years old to really start talking. We tried encouraging him when he was younger but he would just stare at us and it almost seemed like he was saying, uhh, what do you want me to do? I know the fact that he didn't talk until much later than the "recommended" age would worry others but I knew the little stinker was smart as a whip but incredibly stubborn and he would talk on his own terms. Although, these days he talks all the time, it still amazes me what comes out of his mouth and how funny he is!

So proud of his "homework" (as we like to call it) and seriously, when did he get so big??
Me: "Do you want a piece of candy?"
Aiden: "Yes!!"
Me: "Yes, please."
Aiden: "Can I have two candies??"
Me: "Can I have two pieces of candy, please?"
Aiden (thinks for a second): "Can I have three pieces of candy, pleeease?"
Me: "Haha, you’re a sneaky little thing."
Aiden (smiling): "No, I not."

I love him and his little smile :)

I walk into my bedroom and catch Aiden playing with my things.
Aiden (startled): "I sorry, Mommy. I sorry."
Me: "Aiden, you know better. You’re not suppose to play with mommy’s things."
Aiden: "I sorry. I sorry, Mommy."
Me: "Are you sorry you got caught or that you’re playing with my things?"
Aiden (thinks for a moment): "I sorry I got caught."
Umm, At least he’s honest??

Pretty much the face I get these days when I pull out the camera.

Unless it’s pouring down rain, I usually roll the boys’ windows down so they can wave and shout, “bye-bye, Mama!” to my mom when we leave her house. After rolling the windows up, this ensued.
Tristen: "Widow (Window), Mommy. Widow."
Me: "No, Tristen, it’s raining. We don’t open the windows when it’s raining."
Tristen: "Widow, Mommy."
Aiden: "No, Trissy. Do you like it if Ali gets sick? You want Ali go to the hospital? To the doctor? No, you don’t. You don’t like it. No window, Trissy."
Cool, I don’t even need to parent anymore.

I love these two <3

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