Monday, May 7, 2012

Things On My Mind

1) I'm going to sound like a horrible mom but oh my, I hate the age of two. For reals. Sure, they're super cute, cuddly and the perfect size for squeezes. They dance at the drop of a dime like their life depends on it and they have the sweetest smiles (aka natures' way of insuring their survival). But (sighhh) it's tough, man, it's tough.

Typical conversation with the little guy:
Tristen: Ahhhhhh!
Me: Do you want to eat?
Tristen: Eat.
Me: Okay, let's eat.
Tristen: Ahhhhhahhhh!!!!
Me: Do you not want to eat?
Tristen: Ahhhhahahhhhhhhhhh!!
Me: Trissy, what do you want??
Tristen: Eat.


2) I'm almost on week 7 of Insanity and have only lost five pounds. I keep telling myself that muscle weighs more than fat, (muscle weighs more than fat, muscle weighs more than fat) and I'm definitely seeing muscle I truly forgot I had but come on, scale, help me out, man.

3) I miss my husband . . . bad.

4) I'm on my second period this month. Weird, I know. I called my doctor and apparently the first one was the Depo shot wearing off and the second is an actual period. I told him about our plans to have another baby and how I was worried the Depo would make it harder for us to get pregnant and he responded that he's not worried and called me, "fertile mertile." In other news, I had a dream that I gave birth to an 8lb 1oz baby boy. 1) that's a lot of baby 2) there should be no weiner on baby #4 - we're rooting for a baby sister for our little Ali (wish us luck!)

5) I recently thought about how much poop I deal with on a regular basis. We cloth diaper our youngest two and I have to do the dumping method when cleaning the number two diapers. Yuck. I clean the cat litter and pick up dog poop multiple times a day. And although, Aiden is completely potty-trained; he's four and you know how that goes. Thus, including myself, I deal with six different beings' poop. Crazy. But you want to know what's even crazier than that, I just official wrote a paragraph about poop on my blog for the whole wide world to see. Ohh, my life has come to such great highs, it's unbelievable.

6) Lately, Jarod and my favorite pastime is looking up real estate as if we're in the market to actually buy right this minute as in we look at pictures, play with the numbers on a mortgage app and check out it's proximity to Jarod's work. We're nuts but it's actually great motivation to get stuff paid off and a girl can dream, right? The hardest part about this whole being an adult thing (seriously, even after having three kids and being married for over seven years, I still can't believe people call me an "adult") is delaying immediate gratification and prolonging my "I want" urges. Financial freedom. Financial freedom. Financial freedom. Ehh, fuck, this sucks, man.

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