Monday, May 28, 2012

we became one.

with love in our hearts and hope in our eyes we set out for the future. we forged forward, content on one single certainty - we would do this together. with a fierceness that only love can bring, we knew nothing and no one would keep us apart. "true love," they scoffed but we knew better. we knew anything and everything was possible with your hand in mine. with my tears wrapped into the warmed of my arms. with my love so deeply entrenched into yours.

we loved.

we lost sight of where i began and where you ended - we became one, a single act that begins with the enthusiasm of a child, aches like the body of an elder and grows through the sheer force of survival.

we became one.

you, my love, became part of my soul.

but . . . sometimes, somtimes i can't feel the gentleness of your hand. i can't hear the sweet caress of your words. and with certainty, i know, sometimes, you can't feel nor hear the kindness of my being. sometimes we lose sight of who we are, of who we are together. sometimes i cringe at our immaturity. sometimes i wish we were better.

yet, none of this, makes me question who we are together. who we are when we are one. these moments remind me we are human. we fail at perfection and we will fail time and time again.

but you are mine as i am yours and we will forge forward.

just as we always have.

just as we always will and we will become one, once again.

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