Thursday, May 31, 2012

TTC #2 for Baby #4

As long as I've been tracking and been really conscious of my cycles, I've always had a 31-32 day cycle and I usually ovulate on day 18-19. I started a cycle on May 2nd and on cycle days 12, 13 and 14 (which was May 14th, 15th and the 16th) I took an ovulation test. The ovulation test on May 14th (cycle day 12) wasn't a positive but it was pretty close to a positive (meaning the test line was almost as dark as the control line but not as dark or darker) so I assumed that I was just days away from ovulation. However, the preceding ovulation tests on the 15th and the 16th were progressively lighter; thus, I concluded that I had already ovulated (probably two days before I tested the first time).

I have never ovulated that early before and my suspicion was confirmed when I started a new cycle (aka my period) on May 26th, which would have been cycle day 24. This was not a normal cycle for me at all and I'm pretty positive it's not a very normal cycle for anybody - it's such a short cycle! I'm positive that the Depo hormones were probably still affecting my body.

With the weird cycle and bad timing, we weren't able to actively try to TTC (trying to conceive) in the month of May. However, the good news is that I'm really positive I did, indeed, ovulate and that I'm going to ovulate from this day forward, which is so exciting. This time around we are going to BD ("baby dance") starting on cycle day 7 because I do not want to miss my ovulation again.

Jarod and I have been incredibly blessed that we have such an easy time getting pregnant. I don't think I've ever fully appreciated how lucky we have (in general), but particularly, in this regard, which is why I think I have a more calm, peaceful approach to this TTC journey than I've had in the past.  Ideally, I would really like to get pregnant before Ali turns 16 months old because I don't want a bigger age gap than 24 months - hopefully, we get pregnant sooner than later.

Also, I really think we're going to get pregnant this month for some strange reason. I'll keep you all updated with any news! Wish us luck! :)

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