Saturday, January 7, 2012

All of Our Debt

I've been open on this blog about how we are in lots of debt and we are following the Dave Ramsey baby steps to get out of and stay out of debt. I think as effective (it helps keep you accountable) to state how much you weigh on the internet (wanna know how much I weigh, click here) and how much you want to lose, the same can be applied to how much debt we have and how much we want to get rid of (ALL OF IT). Also, this blog is (for the most part) just for me to keep an account of our lives and what's happening in it and I think it would be wonderful if my openness about our getting out of debt journey inspired anyone to get out of theirs. Thus, (big gulp) here it is (from smallest to largest):

Jj’s School Loan (Group B):                $190.59   PAID OFF!!
Jj’s School Loan (Group D):                $370.77   PAID OFF!!
Jj’s School Loan (Group A):                $1542.69   PAID OFF!!
Credit Loan:                                          $2216.76
Jj’s School Loan (Group H):                $2478.08
Jj’s School Loan (Group E):                 $2819.99
Jj’s School Loan (Group G):                $2923.98
Jj’s School Loan (Group C):                $3085.40
Kj’s School Loan #1:                            $3151.77
Jj’s School Loan (Group F):                 $4798.27
Kj’s School Loan #3:                            $5697.36
Kj’s School Loan #2:                            $7854.19
Honda Pilot Car Loan:                          $14379.61

DEBT (as of October 2011):                 $51792.70

DEBT PAID OFF:                                $2104.05

FINAL DEBT:                                      $49688.65

This is our debt as of October 2011 and since then we've made a small dent in our huge mess and have paid off three school loans. Yay!! With the holidays and spending over quite a bit of change (a few thousand to be exact) in car repairs and maintenance, we weren't able to make as big of a dent as we'd like but we are slowly but surely getting there.

We definitely made some embarrassing, young, naive, ignorant stupid choices in regards to our finances.

Sure, we can afford that minimum payment every month . . . for the rest of our lives. Yah!! Where do we sign?!?

But the part I'm proud of is that we've made mistakes but we're learning from them and taking steps to fix them. There's absolutely no way we're going to stay in debt. I can't stand the mess we're already in; it makes me anxious, I hate it and I cannot imagine living the rest of my life this way, which is why I'm still grieving the break-up with my iPhone (click here to find out why).

I miss you so much, iPhone. (tear)

And I really would love to spend all of our extra money on lots of sparkly and fun things (here's my current wish list) but alas, we need to get out of debt as soon as possible, more like we need to get out of debt yesterday. But I'm excited to get past this horrific financial mess and move on with our lives.

Wanna join us on the journey?

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  1. Your story is very inspiring! Gives me motivation to start paying off my loans when I graduate from college this year ;(

  2. jes tang: ahh, school loans are the worst :( good luck!!

  3. Seems like dept is just a part of life these days. I too want to get out of dept, but that probably will have to wait until I go back to work, that is about a year away. I vowed to stay home with my kids while they were young and we have learned an awful lot about what it takes to live off of one income and now that we know we can do it, we know that once we have two incomes again we will definitely be able to pay off a lot of dept. The good thing about your debt though is its all good debt. School, loans, cars, mortgages are all considered good debt. Its the credit cards that are bad debt. So I see that you guys are doing pretty well. ;)

    Good for you for having a debt payoff plan!

    P.S. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm following back!

    Heather From and Mommy Only Has 2 Hands!

  4. heather: we're also a one-income family and i think it's taught us tremendously how to budget and survive financially. i also am determined to stay home with my little ones while they’re little - this time is too precious to me (even though it can drive me crazy at times :) thanks for checking me out! love you blog!