Friday, January 27, 2012

A Conversation About Wieners

Here's a typical conversation in our house. Enjoy! And sorry, you may be a tad bit dumber after reading.

Aiden: "Dinosaurs don't have wieners."

Me: "Boy dinosaurs have wieners."

Aiden: "Hmm. I have a wiener. Girls don't have a wiener."

Me: "Yah, only boys have wieners."

Aiden (who apparently thinks I'm a boy): "You have a wiener??"

Me: "No, mommy doesn't have a wiener. Mommy is not a boy."

Aiden (now trying to be cute and funny as well as degrade me): "You have a wiener!!"

Me: "No, mommies don't have wieners. Only boys have wieners."

Aiden: "My friends have wieners. Daddy has a wiener. Trissy has a wiener. Kuya Jayden has a wiener. Papa has a wiener . . ."

The conversation went on for a few more minutes but I'm sure you can deductively decipher how the remainder of the conversation followed.

P.S. If you were still unclear, I would like to restate that I do not have a wiener. I am not a boy.

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