Monday, January 9, 2012

I Had a Psychic Reading

Right after Christmas, my mom watched the kids during their naptime and Jarod and I went out for a little "date." Basically, ANY time we're out without kids is considered a date to us these days. Going grocery shopping, paying bills, going to Target to buy underwear - all of these outings would be considered errands to other people but for us, these things (without kids) are considered dates. Ohh, life with kids.
One of three reasons why this guy and I can't go on real dates that often but isn't she the cutest?! :)
Nonetheless, we ran a few errands and went to see a local psychic. Jarod sat in the waiting room as she read my palms and this is what she had to say:

She told me I was very honest (has she been reading my blogs?!), I was going to live a long life (yay!!)  and that I’m have a good heart and like to help others (sounds right but does she say this to everyone else?). I will eventually go back to school and pursue a degree in the medical field (I was literally talking to Jarod a month ago about going back to school for nursing when life slows down a bit = when Aiden and maybe even Tristen are in school), which is destined for me as it is my path to help others through healing (I'd love to help people in need as a career, even if I never "needed" to work a day in my life, I'd still love to do that).
I am meant to be a mother to three children (at the time we were trying for number four and my reaction: what! why??) and when I questioned her more upon this she said it shows three children and that the reason is is that I, “want another one, he (pointing to the other room where Jarod was waiting) doesn’t” (so true, but really has she been reading my blogs??) She said that in Jarod’s workplace a few people will be leaving (which at the time of the reading, Jarod already knew was going to happen - they've lost four people through shift changes, relocating, promotions already) and he will be expected to be taking on the twice and three times as much work as before (she realllly has been reading my blogs! or does she just notice the heavy, dark bags under my eyes?); this will be a very stressful time for both of us (yep!) but it will lead to good things and a promotion (YAY!! happy dance!) at work (which is actually pretty likely as many managers have told Jarod he'll get his chance at management and recently Jarod's boss' boss personally thanked him for all his hard work recently). Can I just have another happy dance again just at the thought of a promotion and more money! and less debt!! We will be moving out of the state in seven years to the east coast for Jarod’s work (South Carolina? for anyone who knows exactly where my husband works, I'm thinking yes). Writing is not a career path for me (damn) but is a very good emotional outlet (true, I've been drinking a lot less lately haha).

Also, she said I’ve been suppressing my emotions and feelings for the last few years, which is why I’ve been having anxiety and why I have a hard time sleeping (sounds about right, three kids in three years and a not-so-nice *cough* mother-in *cough*). I have a male figure that comes around me as a spiritual guide, who was close to me earlier in my life (I have no idea who this is but that's a bit creepy, kind of nice and calming, but creepy nonetheless). Someone close to my family will become pregnant in March and will get married in June, after finding out about the pregnancy (Yay, babies!! I love babies! I'm excited!). She also said that Jarod cares for me very much, we have a very strong connection and it is meant for us to be together (aww <3 ).

Jarod and I at the Pumpkin Patch 2011.
Ironically, I went to her 8-9 years ago and of what I can remember, she said the very same things to me: I will have three children (yep); two boys and one girl (yep), I will have a successful career in the medical field (planning on it), I will move to the east coast in the future (I'm a bit tired of this dreary, rainy Washington weather already), I will have one (and only one) marriage in the future (looking good so far) and I will marry a man with a “M” in his name (at the time I was ridiculously in love with some other guy that didn't have an "M" in his name and of course, I thought she was wrong . . . but for those who don't know, I did indeed marry a man with a "M" in his name - best decision of my life :)

I know psychics are definitely not everyone's thing but I love going to see them! Hopefully the whole promotion thing is true, ohh, please, please be true!!

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  1. Initially when people say something about getting a reading, I'm always skeptical, but it's absolutely amazing how the readings are so true! When you mentioned you had a reading done a few years ago, I was like "wow!" I hope that promotion is true :)

    And SC is beautiful, although I live in NC, I've thought about wanting to move there before. Even though they're kind of basically the same place. LOL

    xo -S

  2. Shar: my husband was skeptical about the whole thing too and thought i was just being a weirdo and wasting our money . . . but now he wants to get a reading too lol i hope that promotion is true too - it would be awesome!

    i've looked up pictures of SC and they look absolutely beautiful. thanks for stopping by post! i'll definitely check you out too :) <3