Sunday, January 29, 2012

Why I Love My Husband

Jarod with our first-born, Aiden.
I’m pretty positive I could go on and on about why I love my husband but I’m going to try to narrow it down in one little blog post. I love his sense of humor and the silly faces and voices he uses to make me laugh. I feel equally as honored knowing that that silliness of his is, most often, only saved for me. I love the way he’ll chase after our kids and pretend to be a monster as they run, hide and laugh in an equal mixture of delight and terror. I love the way he would hold our babies in his arms, cradling their tiny bodies and gently supporting their necks as if it was the most effortless and natural of things to do. I love the way he smiled and looked at each one in amazement the second they were born.

Jarod with brand-new baby, Trissy.

I love the way he possess all the qualities in a man, father and husband I always hoped for. I love that believes it’s his duty to support, financially and emotionally, and care for all of our well-beings. I love that he’s generous with his money, often telling me to spend more and to stop being so frugal. I love that he would rather stay home, cuddled in bed with me than go out to some party or club.

Us a few years back <3

I love the way he loves me. I love the way he views me as his equal, never negating me as my own person; yet, treasures me as his most valuable possession. I love how he values my opinion and at times will respect it so much it will outweigh his own. I love how supportive he’s been of me, my new-found, and often-times quick-ending, hobbies and I love how supportive he’s been of my blog and the time that it’s taken away from household necessities. I love the way he has never made me feel less than myself. I love the love he’s given me and how it’s always gently asks more of me; yet, lovingly supports who I am at the present.

I love that he respects and honors women’s rights, a women’s prerogative to stay at home or to be a woman in the public work sphere and believes that intelligence isn’t, simply, divided by what’s down one’s pants but rather the depth and scope of an individual’s mind. I love all of these qualities he possess; yet, I love that I can feel like a woman in love with a man just by being in his presence. I, especially, love that he is the kind of man that our daughter will aspire to find.

Daddy with his baby girl.

I love his intellect; the way his mind maneuvers, his thought-process and his intelligence. I love that we share similar views on almost everything. I love the way his hand always finds mine in the midst of the night and sometimes, even in the pinnacle of a fight. I love his heart and the kindness that exudes out of it. I love his openness, his ability to find humor in life and in spite, of the chaos in our lives and in this world.

I love so much about him but mostly, I love that he’s mine <3

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